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Col. Mayonnaise

Scott Handel

Founder, spokesperson, and mascot of Verona’s Mayonnaise.

Also, murdered by one of the suspects below during the latest shooting of his Verona’s Fair Mayonnaise commercial.

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Manuel Focus

Casey Hunter

Born the son of a bus driver, Manuel was never keen to take up the family trade. While on a ride-along on his father’s route, they came across a working film set.

As Manuel craned out the window for a closer look, his father swerved to avoid a bottle of water left behind by the film-crew. Manuel lost his grip and was thrown under the bus. The resulting coma left him with extreme near-signtedness, but a razor-sharp focus on attaining his dream of working in the camera department.

Otto Iris

David Jeffries

Burned one too many times by producers who over-promised and under-delivered, Otto Iris seeks to create the perfect producer with his methodical interrogation skills.

Exquisitely precise, he executes every task with perfection. He is inspired by Hans Gruber’s stunning good looks and the spirit of Arnold Ernst Toht.

Roscoe Lee

Jeff Beard

A retired Stage Hand, currently employed as a studio handyman. He is aged beyond his years due to long hours, hard labor, and even harder drinking.

Wears his hair because he’s too lazy to cut it. Keeps his beard long because he’s too lazy to shave. Prematurley grey. Red, swollen nose and cheeks due to heavy drinking. Dressed primarily in black, in clothes that have seen no less that 20 years of wear and tear.

Always wears a C-wrench on his belt.

J.R. Pin

Vince Restivo

After escaping the grip of his overbearing father, Pin Senior, who was a grip, J.R. became a gaffer and hit the road. Lighting shows from Cheyboygan to San Fran he became hardened in the world of sof light. Though he is sought after for his keen eye and mastery or controlling falloff, he can be as harsh as an unsoftened key light.

Don’t ask him to lift a finger before his cup of coffee, he’ll kill you.

Enzo “Jaws” Cardellini

Alex Nowak

Enzo couldn’t get a grip on life so he turned to a life of crime.

A crippling tandem bicycle accident left him without a hand, and a cynical outlook on life. Valuing loyalty above all, he rewards the very best of his envoy.

The rest… get the clamps!

Hal F. Apple

Taylor Tigner

Hal F. Apple has a shiny exterior, but inside is rotten to the core.

Spoiled by the Apple Orchard fortune he inherited after the mysterious death of his parents, Hal now moonlights as a freelance camera assistant but finds it hard to focus on anything but himself.

Don’t let him catch you with anything but cider in your Robo Cup.

Señor Cart

Elvis Funes

El es un misterioso. Sus guantes blancos no dejan rastro.

Cookie Loris

Laine McDonald

Cookie Loris is the world’s greatest shadow puppeteer. Since he was a young boy he would entertain his younger siblings by creating shadow figures with his flashlight projecting onto the wall. As word got out about his extraordinary shadow puppetry skills he started performing at a local theater. His shows sold out every night.

As he got older and further honed his skills he became renowned around the world. His ability to cast a shadow made him the greatest shadow puppeteer to have ever lived.

Rod Support

Drew Ndengabaganizi

Rod Support is the former go-to Director of Photography for rockstar showman Rod Stewart’s music videos. After Rod and Rod got into a dispute over proper hairspray application during a wrap party, he was banished from the rock community.

Now, years later, he is still stuck in an era far gone, refusing to let go of the past. Flashy is the name of the game for Rod Support; bright suits, hats, patterned shirts, fake jewelry, flashy scarves, and cologne so thick you can smell him coming a mile away.

Sandy Bags

Keri Buchana

Sandy Bags is a grizzled union line producer with a penchant for chewing gum furiously. She’s a real battle-ax of a woman and is feared both on set and at the bowling lane.

Don’t show up late to set, and don’t let her Diet Coke run dry, or she’ll kill you.

Lav E. Lear

Gokul Prasath

A distinguished gentleman born in the steampunk village of Bonifacio, France. At a young age, he witnessed his parents being kidnapped by some tourists for their skills in making powerful weapons. He’s been on the run to find them ever since. For his 10th birthday, his mom made him an Aural augmentation (A frequency tuner) which helps him to tune into any frequency and listen to what is being transmitted in the signal.

Nothing goes unheard with Mr. Lear around.

Cam Locke

Robby Sliwinski

Cam was once electrocuted while plugging in distro.

Actually, he’s been shocked many times. Like, really, you’d think he’d learn.

Some hear a 60hz hum and feel their hair stand on end when he’s nearby.

Mombeau & Combeau

David Rivas &
Anna Dominguez

Ambiguously gendered conjoined twins Mombeau and Combeau were forcefully separated shortly after birth. They still bear the scars of the operation as well as those gained during their time performing as a luchador tag team. A crippling injury ruined their wrestling career so they turned their keen fashion sense and makeup experience to make it in the world of production. They now tag team Hair and Makeup on set all the while keeping their colorful past shrouded in mystery.

Mombeau Combeau…don’t get them confused.

Dolly Wedge

Max Groah

Blessed with a perfect beard and ample…assets, Dolly Wedge is also cursed with the eternal struggle of keeping her underwear from riding up her butt.

Following a career in the circus, she became a full-time dolly grip and part-time wig stylist.

DON’T call her Dolly Wedgie.

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